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Janessa Wiltshire-Lalonde

-Activities involved in selling merchandise to ultimate customers

Mark Up:
-Amount a retailer adds to the cost of a product to determine selling price

Mark Down:
-Amount by which a retailer reduces the original selling price.

Shopping Centre:
- Group of retail stores planned, coordinated, and marketed as a unit.

Types of Retailers:
- Chain Stores
- Independent Retailers
- Convenience Retailers
- Specialty Retailers
- Limited Line Retailers
- General Merchandise Retailers
o Variety Stores
o Department
o Mass Merchandisers
o Discount Houses
o Off Price Retailers
o Hypermarkets and Supercenters

Retail convergence: a situation in which similar merchandise is available from multiple retail outlets.
Scrambled merchandising: combining dissimilar product lines to boost sales volume
Wholesaler: takes title to goods it handles and distributes these goods to retailers, other distributors or B2B customers.
Wholesaling intermediaries: describes wholesales as well as agents and brokers.

Retailing – activities involved in selling merchandise to ultimate consumers
Wheel of Retailing – hypothesis that new retailer gains competitive foothold by offering lower prices, offered by reducing or eliminating a service
1. New retail appears
- Low level service
- Low profit margins
- Low prices for consumers
2. Over time
- Service levels increase
- Profit margins increase
- Prices increase
3. More time
- Service levels continue to increase
- Profit continues to increase
- Prices continue to increase
Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) – identifies varying items within a product line, reference for retailers
Markup – amount a retailer adds to the cost of a product to determine its selling price
Markdown – amount by which retailer reduces original selling price of a product
Planned shopping center – group of retail stores planned, coordinated and marketed as a unit
Retail convergence – similar merchandise available from multiple retail outlets blurs distinction between retailers and merchandise offered
Scrambled merchandising – practice of combining dissimilar product lines to boost sales volume
Wholesaler – channel intermediary which takes title to goods and distributes goods to retailers, other distributers/wholesalers or B2B customers
Brokers – agent wholesaling intermediary who does not take title to goods, but brings together buyers and sellers
Manufacturers’ representative – agent wholesaling intermediary who represents manufacturers of related but non competing products and receives commission on all sales